Cramlington Kids Club


  Easter 2021


 Holiday Programme


Plenty of all the usual Games - Wii - PS2 - laptops – K’nex – Lego – X Box -Dressing up - Books – DVD’s reading & here are some of the extra fun and activities we are going to do...   


Trips are FREE however a small contribution is required for each child towards transport expenses.


MONDAY 29th In the Spring Chocolate bird nests Plant a sunflower - Bird nest collage - Blossom trees - Daisy bookmark - Cotton wool sheep - Finger print cows - Colouring pictures Up & over - Skipping competition - Tug of war - Fingertip hula hoop challenge - Fruit salad - Capture the flag
TUESDAY 30th The great    outdoors  

A walk to the the local park

Make a toastie DIY make a kite - Chalk markings - Make a rainbow - Daffodil crafts - Fortune tellers - Paper flowers - Scavanger hunt Wellie throwing competition - Stuck in the mud - Parachute games - Mother may I ? - Balloon hearding - Races
WEDNESDAY  31st Easter crafts Bunny biscuits Easter cards - DIY basket - Crown bonnet competition - Chick masks - Easter bunting - Origami animals  Egg rolling - Hopping challenge - Musical eggs - Pass the bunny - Duck walk race - Duck duck goose
THURSDAY  1st Easter eggstravaganza Make your own chocolate egg Easter egg competition - Egg hunt - Carrot feet painting - Face painting - Bunny treat cups - Salt dough eggs Pin the tail on the bunny - Club dances - Musical positions - Fluffy bunny - Sweetie bingo - Party dances
TUESDAY 6th People who help us Milkshakes & Cookies Make a mood board - Poster making - Thank you NHS colouring pictures - Junk model fire engine - Make police hats - DIY doctor kit Hopscotch - Follow the leader - Traffic lights - Parachute games - Runner bean
WEDNESDAY 7th Survival of the fittest Rocky road Camoflage face paint - Den making - Make team banners - Make a boat - Why is exercise important ? Boot camp - Blind mans buff - Splat - Electric buzzer - Tag - British bulldog
THURSDAY 8th Down on the farm Mud pig cake Pipe cleaner farm animals - Felt farm yard - Paper plate cow - Animal masks - Tractor painting Cross the farmers field - Duck duck goose - Stuck in the mud - Follow the tractor - Animal pairs - Whats that noise ?

FRIDAY   9th


PJ & Movie day ( wear your trainers) Fruit pizzas Movie quiz - Optical illusions - Nail art - Hair styles - Favourite super hero or character - Colouring pictures - Activity sheets Just dance competition - Club dances - Malteaser melt - Teddy throwing competition - Quiotes - Balloon pop

We close at 6pm however, your child needs to be collected no later than 5.55pm otherwise additional charges will be added to your bill.


Suitable footwear should be worn to ensure your child can take part in all activities and trips, also ensure the pack lunch is in a disposable bag.

All children must bring a packed lunch & drink during the summer holidays. 

For all really early birds (before 8.30) breakfast can also be provided for £1.00.

Please ask staff for details and booking slips. 

Please note that all activities are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances!


NEW Price List – Daily with effect 1 March 2020

Toddler Room 2-3yrs

Half day - £25.00 any five hours

Full day - £35.00 over five hours includes dinner and tea


Early Years 3-4yrs

Half day - any five hours - £22.00

Full day - over any five hours - £28.00 includes dinner and tea


Junior Kids Club 4yrs - 7yrs

Half day - under any five hours - £16.00 per child                                                   

Full day - over any five hours - £20.00 per child

Senior Kids Club 8yrs – 13yrs                                         

Half day - under any five hours - £14.00 each child                                                  

Full day - over any five hours - £18.00 each child



Tel:  01670 730428  - Eastlea Primary School, Durham Road, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 3ST

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· Cramlington's first low cost, high quality, flexible Childcare Centre

· Complete wrap around service for children from 6 weeks to 13 years

· Open weekdays all year round from 7.30am until 6pm (excl. Bank Hols)

· Full and half day prices available for all ages

· Before school and after school care - with optional meals 

· Lunches and/or teas provided to Early Years and included within price

· Huge range of structured activities encouraging learning through play

· Ofsted and Social Services registered, inspected & highly approved