Cramlington Kids Club


  April 2018


 Holiday Programme


Plenty of all the usual Games - Wii - PS2 - laptops – K’nex – Lego – X Box -Dressing up - Books – DVD’s reading & here are some of the extra fun and activities we are going to do...   


Trips are FREE however a small contribution is required for each child towards transport expenses.


TUESDAY 3rd Easter Celebration Easter crispy nest cakes - Cooking chicks - Cadbury crθme egg brownies Egg competition - Easter wreath - pom pom chicks - paper plate bunny ears & mask - hanging eggs - Easter crown Easter egg hunt - bunny hop races - Easter egg bowling - basket ball competition - stuck in the mud
WEDNESDAY 4th  Trip to Air box 7yrs & over Sweetie bingo - chocolate car - make a pie Potatoe print chicks - Easter garland - hand & foot print sheets - make a magnet - make a clay creature - tree decorations - bread shapes Pie face - balloon tower challenge - dodge ball - ABC challenge - how many skips can you do in a minute
THURSDAY 5h Trip to Whitehouse Farm 6yrs & under Bear paw cookies - fruit rockets - milky bar cheesecake Camoflage face paint - make a tissue campfire - bird feeders - decorate a plant pot to plant your own flower Treasure hunt - who can make the biggest den - tug of war - wet head - cheerio challenge
FRIDAY 6th 80's theme day ! get dressed up Hot dogs - make a school cake - cookie dough truffles Glowstick party - lava lampart - make a fortune teller - 80's crazy hair styles - design your own games - make a rubix cube - bubble writing Hot potatoe - crab football - rounders - red rover - wheelbarrow race
MONDAY 9th Trip to Round the twist 6yrs & under Rocky road - fruit salad - malteaser melt Make a hungry caterpillar - make a puppet theatre - make a spring collage - make an all about me picture - tie dye paint with baby wipes Who's missing - just dance competition - pasta & marshmallow house challenge - musical chairs - animal corners
TUESDAY 10th Science day Chocolate marshmallows -make a pizza - jam tarts Jelly bean experiment - homemade kinetic sand - 3D paper spinning hot air balloons - make exploding volcano - make gloop paint on wet glue - balloon paint What's changed - 60 second challenge - fitness cube - swing ball - tag
WEDNESDAY 11th  Friendship day Doughnut challenge - make unicorn fudge - musical skittles Paper doll chain - friendship hand print tree - friendship kindness post card - finger print balloon - make friendship junk modelling hut - make friendship bracelet How strong is spaghetti - egg drop challenge - tennis competition - bowling - stuck in the mud
THURSDAY 12th Trip to cinema 7yrs & over Breadstick wands - get to know your M&M's game - chicken wraps 3D spring tree - bowtie pasta butterflies - finger print dandelions - lady bird suncatchers - make felt ducklings - cotton wool lambs Team races - lego competion - make your own twister - rounders - wellie throwing competion
FRIDAY 13th Backwards day - wear your clothes backwards Breakfast for afternoon snack - ice cream floats - make upside down cakes Make a funny body - make a shoe hat - mix & match self portrait - write your name backwards Learn ABC's backwards - giant snakes and ladders - football shootout - pogo stick races - backwards clue guessing game


We close at 6pm however, your child needs to be collected no later than 5.55pm otherwise additional charges will be added to your bill.


Suitable footwear should be worn to ensure your child can take part in all activities and trips, also ensure the pack lunch is in a disposable bag.

All children must bring a packed lunch & drink during the summer holidays. 

For all really early birds (before 8.30) breakfast can also be provided for £1.00.

Please ask staff for details and booking slips. 

Please note that all activities are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances!

Holiday Price List – Daily

with effect 1 March 2018

Toddler Room 2-3yrs

Half day - £23.00 any five hours

Full day - £32.00 over five hours includes dinner and tea


Early Years 3-4yrs

Half day - any five hours - £21.00

Full day - over any five hours - £27.00 includes dinner and tea


Junior Kids Club 4yrs - 7yrs

Half day - under any five hours - £16.00 per child                                                   

Full day - over any five hours - £20.00 per child

Senior Kids Club 8yrs – 13yrs                                         

Half day - under any five hours - £14.00 each child                                                  

Full day - over any five hours - £18.00 each child

Tel:  01670 730428  - Eastlea Primary School, Durham Road, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 3ST

Cramlington Kids Club …………………………. 

We are …………….

· Cramlington's first low cost, high quality, flexible Childcare Centre

· Complete wrap around service for children from 6 weeks to 13 years

· Open weekdays all year round from 7.30am until 6pm (excl. Bank Hols)

· Full and half day prices available for all ages

· Before school and after school care - with optional meals 

· Lunches and/or teas provided to Early Years and included within price

· Huge range of structured activities encouraging learning through play

· Ofsted and Social Services registered, inspected & highly approved